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Welcome to My Art

"I dream my paintings and then I paint my dreams." - van Gogh

I have a love/hate relationship with art. I love the freedom I have as an artist in creating whatever my abilities allow me to and how challenging it is to try and push beyond those limitations. I hate it because, when I lack the motivation to draw or paint anything — or, even worse, hate anything I actually do create — it affects the other things in my life that I enjoy as well. I lose my way of escape, my way of freedom, and my ability to do what I love. However, it’s not an entire loss because one way or another that drive to create always returns. So to me, those little hatreds I have are all worth the joy and liberty I feel with what I make, both while in the midst of making it but also with the finished pieces. I don’t love everything I make but I will be sharing what I love in this space. You can choose to be as critical as you’d like because I honestly probably see more of the mistakes than you do. I know my faults, and I’m continually working on fixing them. I would fix each mistake on each of these if I could but I have a little rule for myself that once I say a piece is finished then I can’t add to it or fix anything, no matter how much I want to. I keep working towards progress, but I never go back to fix what I’ve already been satisfied and finished with. So, these are the pieces I’ve created and love. I would like to share them with you and hope you love them too.

Peeping Through
A Helping Hand
Just Hanging Out
For Narnia
The Greatest of All Time
Silly Ol' Bear
Forbidden Friendship
The Downed Dragon
Little Boy
In Bloom
Field of Flowers - Inspired by Monet
Sunflowers -Van Gogh
Starry Night - Van Gogh
Childhood Piano
Hugh Jackman Portrait
Ed Sheeran Portrait
Happy Place
Little Friend
The Great Wave - Inspired by Katsushika Hokusai
The Road Home
Calming Noise
Sandy Grass
Rocky Waves
Beachy Keen
Beach at Sunrise
Scotland Cliffs
Sunday Sunset
Towering Trees
Sea Side
Makin' a Splash
Plant Shop
Flower Shop
Highland Cows
Rivers and Trees
Highland Cow
Butterfly Cat
There’s a Bee?