Aug 29, 2018

A Song Worth Sharing

"The earth has music for those who listen." - Shakespeare

Think of your favorite song at the moment. Perhaps you instantly liked it when you first heard it, or maybe it took a few listens to grow to enjoy it. When it becomes something you genuinely love, you play it on repeat until you’re at the point of being sick of it. You may also have a few songs that you kind of like, but aren’t crazy about. Or maybe if you don’t like a song the first time through, you’re not willing to give it another chance, but what if you just didn’t like it because of the mood or setting you were in at the time? There are also other times you get so excited about a song and go to listen to it again, but then it’s just not as good as you thought. It disappoints you so you give up on it. Sometimes there are genres we prefer and others we stay away from, but there are rare moments where we like one certain song from some obscure genre we normally wouldn’t like.

We tend to treat people the exact same way. If we don’t like them the first time around, no matter the setting, sometimes we don’t bother to give them another chance. Sometimes it’s the opposite, where we love them the first time meeting them but any other interactions only disappoint you. We steer clear of certain kinds of people, and don’t even care if maybe we would end up liking one of them within that group. When you start to enjoy the person, you dig deeper into who they are as a person, the lyrics they write, the melody they play. Or rather, the words they say and how they express them. If we lose interest, we just move on to other people. Or maybe a few years later, someone comes back around and it’s like you’re hearing the song for the first time and yet you already know the melody and lyrics, but even then, some of the words have changed, the person has changed.

Will people like the song you play? Will they appreciate what you have to say and the melody you use to express that? Will they like the underlying chords that go along with it, supporting the main focus of the song? Will they like it instantly, need some time to grow to like it, or never enjoy it at all? Everyone doesn’t need to like your song, but having some sort of approval, even just your own or a way for you to fill people with music and joy and for them to do the same for you is such a beautiful, although sometimes difficult feat.

Wouldn’t we grow to love people more if we treated them all like they were already our favorite song? What if we tried to give people more chances instead of giving up the first listen through? Everyone doesn’t actually need to be your favorite song, but they should all be given the chance. Even if there’s a weird vocal run you don’t like or lyric choices you would’ve changed, you still listen to the song. You don’t have to like their hair, their voice, or some of their word choices, but you have to give them a chance. You give them the trust to know they won’t change the lyrics on you or add a chord that disrupts the whole feeling of the song. Sometimes this trust is misplaced, but allowing yourself to enjoy the music for the time being is so worth it. Don’t let the first time they sing a song be the only time. Everyone needs practice, everyone needs improvement to truly make a song worth sharing.